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About Me

Toye L. Sanford, Ph.D. is the founder of TLConsulting & Training, LLC. She retired as a police sergeant after serving for over 26 years with her agency. During her law enforcement tenure, Dr. Sanford received accolades for the co-design, implementation, and management of an internationally renowned behavioral pattern recognition program commonly referred to as an early warning system (EWS). Her expertise with EWS has been sought after by professional law enforcement organizations, educators, and other Department of Justice (DOJ) recognized experts, and Dr. Sanford has taught on the subject throughout the nation. As a subject matter expert, Dr. Sanford contributed to multiple publications by the Community Office of Policing (COPS) on EWS, many of which are still considered the bedrock of EWS literature.

Dr. Sanford served as a part-time assistant clinical professor of Justice and Intelligence Studies at Northern Arizona University, and briefly served as an adjunct professor in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Grand Canyon University. Dr. Sanford continues to pursue research opportunities in the area of her discipline of industrial/organizational psychology to help expand the body of knowledge on: behavioral pattern recognition in organizational data, and gendered and racial issues in policing. With strong IT logistical knowledge, an extensive background in policy, and wide-ranging practitioner experience that lends to a deep knowledge of law enforcement business processes, Dr. Sanford established her consulting business as a means to share her set of specialized skills through teaching, research and consulting.