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Training Courses

Enhancing Police Accountability Through EIIPs

In this pre-recorded training, attendees are provided with a historical overview of EIIPs in policing, current trends of EIIPs, and why they are so important to police agencies. Read More

So You Want to Implement an EIIP in Your Organization

This one-day course is designed to provide police practitioners with a better understanding of the many considerations associated with the implementation of a new or revised EIIP within their policing organization. Read More

Successfully Managing EIIPs

In this two-day course, attendees learn how to identify common pitfalls with EIIPs, and learn behavioral analysis strategies to support a more appropriately aligned management philosophy. Attendees will also learn reporting techniques intended to help report organizational losses or impacts as part of a risk management component within EIIPs. Read More

What’s Gender Got to Do With It?

Based on her empirical study, Dr. Sanford provides information in this 1-day course designed to help attendees learn how manifestations of gender-based microaggressions within policing cultures may be undermining agencies’ recruitment and/or retention efforts for bringing in and keeping qualified women. Read More

What’s Going On in Your House?

This half-day course is aimed at police executives and EIIP managers with decision-making authority. This course is intended to help attendees learn how EIIPs can inform organizational decisions by helping to identify behavioral trends that undermine organizational legitimacy. Read More