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So You Want to Implement an EIIP in Your Organization – $150.00




This course is designed to provide police practitioners with a better understanding of the many considerations associated with the implementation of a new or revised EIIP within their policing organization.

The topics in this training are based on practitioner-based techniques, skills and best practices.

Topics in this training include:

  • Your Expectations for an EIIP; Short- and Long-term Goals
  • Identifying Internal Needs
  • Identifying External Needs

Historically, the DOJ Civil Rights Division has systematically mandated the inclusion of EIIPs when organizations come under court order, consent decree, or through a memorandum of agreement (MOA). This is due to acts of pattern or practice behaviors conducted by employees that are destructive not only to members of the service communities, but also to the reputation of policing organizations. Law enforcement organizations worldwide have become more proactive and have opted to voluntarily implement EIIPs. Although much of the current body of research on EIIPs provides information on the importance of these systems along with some implementation considerations, nothing truly provides the depth of detail policing organizations need when considering implementing such a program. 

In the early 2000s, Phoenix PD implemented its version of an EIIP called the Personnel Assessment System (PAS).  This system quickly gained national and international recognition by practitioners and experts in the field, while setting precedence as a best practice.  Around 2007, PAS came under a new management philosophy, which was found to be less advantageous to the overall survival of the program. This along with the application built on antiquated technology that was no longer supported by the Department’s Information Technology Bureau (ITB) had significantly reduced the overall effectiveness of Phoenix PD’s EIIP.  However, recognizing areas for improvement from the original design, as well as the overall management, affords the organization an opportunity to grow in a way that better supports an EIIP philosophy.

Recommend viewing “Enhancing Police Accountability Through EIIPs” as a prerequisite to this course.